Report Services

Our stock transfer processing system, Transtar, gives us the ability to run over 200 detailed, customizable reports through our website with advanced search and filtering capabilities. TranStar offers us the opportunity to improve service for our customers through one-screen access to account data and internet access options for shareholders and clients.

Below is a list of some of the reports we process for our clients.

  • Issued and outstanding shares
  • Omnibus breakdowns
  • Proxy voting lists
  • Proxy tabulation results
  • Shareholder lists
  • Auditor’s Confirmation Letters
  • Certified Shareholders List
  • Letter of Confirmation for Exchange
  • Transfer Agent Verification Form
  • Formal confirmation of Issued and Outstanding Shares
  • Actions: CDS Holders of Records Report
  • Providing DTC Attestation Form
  • Geographical breakdown or specialized reporting
  • Audit Confirmations
  • Issued & Outstanding Reporting
  • Top Holder’s Lists
  • CDS Participant Reports Subscription (NCI Issues)
  • Transfer Activity Reports – monthly, weekly, or daily reporting

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