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Our calculator provides a suggested schedule of dates and activities for your securityholder meeting in accordance with the requirements of National Instrument 54-101

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Meeting Schedule

Step Required Activities Parameters (with Notice and Access) Calculated Date
1. START-UP DATE Notice of Meeting & Record Date to be filed on SEDAR (CSA and Exchange) Notice of Meeting & Record Date Filed with CDS 25 days prior to Record Date(1)
2. Search requests to Intermediaries (to obtain Beneficial Holders mailing counts) 20 days prior to Record Date
3. Meeting Publication in Newspaper(2) 7 days prior to Record Date
4. RECORD DATE 40 to 60 days prior to Meeting Date(3)(4)
5. Delivery of Materials to Printer 3 business days after Record Date
6. Delivery of bulk Proxy Materials to Broadridge Canada 30 days plus 4 business days prior to Meeting Date(6)
7. Delivery of bulk Proxy Materials to other Intermediaries 30 days plus 3 business days prior to Meeting Date
8. Mailing Proxy Materials to Registered Securityholders (and NOBOs if mailing directly)(5) 30 days prior to Meeting Date
9. Intermediary Proxy Material Mailing to Beneficial Holders 30 days prior to Meeting Date
10. Proxy Voting Cut-Off Date 2 business days before Meeting Date (recommended)
11. MEETING DATE As selected above


  1. The time between the Start-Up Date and the Record Date may be abridged under certain circumstances provisions of National Instrument 54-101 (NI 54-101).
  2. Issuers incorporated under the Business Corporations Act (Canada) (CBCA), Business Corporations Act (British Columbia) (BCBCA), or Canada Business Corporations Act (Ontario) “OBCA” must publish their Notice in a city where the issuer is registered office in a National Publication.
  3. National Instrument 54-101 specifies a record date “shall be no fewer than 30 and no more than 60 days before the meeting date for Non Notice & Access mailings and no fewer than 40 and no more than 60 days before the meeting date for Notice & Access mailings (refer to NI 54-101, section 2.1 (b) and Section 2.7.8).

This Proxy Meeting Calculator does not constitute legal or other professional advice and is meant for illustrative purposes only. Please consult your MTCL representative, legal counsel or other advisors to ensure compliance with the specific regulatory requirements pertaining to your shareholder meeting.

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