Escrow Services

Comprehensive Escrow Offering

Our Escrow Services provide comprehensive escrow offerings that can be tailored to meet the needs of each client’s escrow requirements. We work closely with clients to provide the best escrow solution.

We offer the following services for the safekeeping of funds and/or securities:

Funds Held in Trust for Financing
Hold funds in escrow in connection with the private placement of subscription receipts, until pre-determined escrow conditions are satisfied.

Hold fully transferable shares in escrow until the terms of the escrow are satisfied as outlined in transaction agreements.

Indemnification Escrow
Hold funds and/or securities in escrow to provide protection for unforeseen expenses or damages that may result as a part of a merger or acquisition agreement, and are released upon predetermined terms.

Performance Escrow
Hold funds in escrow until the achievement of performance milestones, a conditional incentive on achievement of a performance goal, or for payment due on the successful delivery of goods and services.

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