Registrar and Stock Transfer Services

Providing High-Quality Personalized Services

MTCL’s staff are highly trained professionals, courteous, and efficient. We provide comprehensive transfer services as well as a variety of reports, including shareholder reports and stock activity tracking. In addition to transfer and reporting services, we also facilitate mailings to shareholders and provide a range of annual meetings and other related services.

Our experienced professional team supports a comprehensive range of security transfer and registrar services. We provide a customized approach offering personalized services and efficiency.

Our core suite of services is as follows:

  • Open accounts for newly registered shareholders
  • New securities issuances, control, and compliance
  • Validation and ownership transfer of securities
  • Providing Direct Registration System (DRS) services (including DRS statements)
  • Maintenance of accounts for registered shareholders
  • Consolidation of duplicate accounts
  • Maintenance of non-certificated CDS position, reconciliation with CDS daily, and receiving daily updates of underlying CDS participant balances
  • Add and remove stop-transfer notations
  • Process lost certificate replacements
  • Maintenance of share registries and shareholder record updates
  • Stock splits and stock dividends; and
  • Dividend disbursements (preparing shareholder lists on the record date with relevant information, calculating stock dividends, ordering and printing certificates, mailing certificates, and replacing lost certificates)

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Toronto Location:
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Phone Number:
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